Don't stay in one place

My classmate commented "Don't stay in one place" to the infographic of my core messages
I quite fancy this comment and agree with it very much. Obviously I really love to challenge and like to see new things, people, culture, language etc.

I firstly start to show my history to you as my personal brand.
What have I inspired? What made me changed?

My short History

Went to England when I was 18 years old.

  I have had the high school diploma in Japan and moved to England with Tier 5 (Youth mobility Scheme, previously called "working holiday") visa. This permission is quite flexible and gave me the sea of brilliant experience. I had lived there for 2 years and I worked and studied with diversified people. Everything was different from Japan.
 The reason I decided to go to England when I was 17 years old. I wanted to become English speaker. Since in Japan, almost people cannot speak English well, even young people cannot. So I thought if I could speak it, it would be so cool. The reason was so simple. But it changed my thinking, life and made my future vision clear.

Started to study in higher education in Finland

I really hated to study when I was a high school student. I HATED to study really much. However I realised that obtaining new knowledge and skills were such an enjoyable thing when I started to study English in UK. In addition, I really wanted to continue to study at a higher education in Europe, I searched a lot and then I found the way of studying in Finland.

Many people here have asked me “Why are you coming in Finland?” At the first time I was asked this question, I wondered. Nobody asked this question in England, because there are so many common reason there.
“High Finnish quality of Education is one of my reason, also I really wanted to study my current subject so much. Here I am able to study it in English. I also want to study another language… “  There were so many reasons and I couldn’t say it simply! However, I found my main reason to come Finland.

 "There was possibility of meeting new things I haven’t met ever!"

My expectation was totally right. I’m always facing new things in Finland through my study and my private life, the everything is pretty interesting and I have already learnt a lot from that so far.


I am still 22 years old, so I will change a lot future. I would like to keep to challenge new things and improve my strength and skills!

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